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Why Free?

Even with all the success we have enjoyed, this work has far too few people benefitting from it.

As I near, perhaps, the end of my useful career, I do not want to have a lifetime of work lost to the future. Why not give it away?

Too good to be true? You’ll have to find out for yourself. Check out the material. If it is a blessing, perhaps you will consider supporting the publishing of more of this material.

Much work remains to polish and publish. Please, come back often to see what shows up! In the meantime, I hope, one, that you will enjoy and make good use of the materials we now offer, and, two, you will let us hear from you.


Our offerings



Get Wisdom! Making Christian Heroes of Ordinary People

A seminal course of study that identifies the qualities of the mature Christian, and provides the educational tools to become and to train others to become that mature and accomplished Christian.

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Published Articles

Topics include Family, Education, Society, economy and Relational Government, the Bible and Christian Life

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Teacher Guides

Teacher Training, Curriculum Teacher Guides, and References


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Curriculum Content

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Family and School Educational Services

Compelling Educational Mission to Uganda

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