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Why Support?

The work on this website, with much more waiting only on the resources to finish and publish it, represents a unique contribution to Christian education. Our pioneering work has produced spectacular results in the U.S., Africa and beyond. In a way we have yet to see independently produced elsewhere in over thirty years. Our work has proved effective with real people of all ages, native abilities, and experience. (See a few testimonials here.) What has made the work so unique and effective, I believe, has been the conviction that God’s ways must produce the best fruit. We must be faithful to them. Then there should be little to no gap between theory and practice, save what faith requires.

Colonial SoldierI have no other motive than to see this work continue and grow. I wish to put it into the hands of faithful folks who will learn, apply, improve, expand, and spread it. The world must recover the Biblical wisdom of Christian history as the social and economic foundation for the Gospel work. The world needs skillful Biblical thinking and action, in men and women of sufficient character and faith.

Therefore, I give away my life’s work. All the materials on this website are available for free. But much more remains to be done. Huge amounts of proven Biblical philosophy, methodology, and classroom curriculum materials await refinement and formatting for public use.

Add the exciting, urgent prospect of our new Ugandan mission to the mix, and I believe we represent a work worth supporting. As support allows, Ron and Christina have committed, long-term, all available personal resources to New Hope and MIE.

However, my investment is extremely labor intensive. Much remains to be done to make it accessible for ready use and application. Therefore, we ask you to consider supporting the Get Wisdom! effort with your gifts—one time or regular, small or large.


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