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Soon to be published book, Thy Will Be Done on Earth is an extended speculative everyman essay on how the world might appear when earthly Christianity is mature and general, and how it might become so. A few simple Biblical principles combine to build a powerful and comprehensive, practical approach to a fulfilled, everywhere influential Gospel life.

From the coming book Thy Will Be Done on Earth

God’s command to Adam to take dominion over the earth establishes our call to Christian enterprise (Genesis 1:26-28)…Dominion comes through an investment by faith…God grants certain raw or basic material, such as soil and seed, metal ore, trees, etc. From such resources, He expects us to make something greater, something more useful and valuable—to produce fruit of our labor. To achieve such accomplishment, the enterpriser must put available resources at risk. All investment requires risk. In all this, God urges man to walk by faith, and trust Him for the increase.

From the coming book Thy Will Be Done on Earth

Today, with repentant hearts (2 Chronicles 7:14), we may see a revival of conditions where Christians are truly salt and light in the earth. We will truly help to prepare the soil of men’s hearts, rendering them ready for salvation and true discipleship. Now, the internal qualities of any thing in creation will produce an outward form appropriate to those qualities. A rock acts hard. Corn acts like food. With the Holy Spirit successfully working the internal Kingdom upon the heart, appropriate expressions will emerge. How much more will Christ in us, express Himself through our ordinary lives? I call this extraordinary ordinariness…

Quote from coming book Thy Will Be Done on Earth

Christians today have increasingly withdrawn from society. We have allowed the soil of our neighbors’ hearts to grow hardened, sterile, shallow, and choked with weeds (Matthew 13:3-9). This is the opposite of godly love toward them. Successful evangelism depends on good soil to receive the Good Seed of salvation. The Good Seed must fall into the good soil of a ready heart. In the fallen world, good soil exists only under cultivation. Christians should exercise godliness in such a way that we benignly work the soil of our neighbors’ hearts through godly influence, accomplished according to our spiritual gifts. Thus inspired, we will do all we do, self-consciously, to the glory of God, to fulfill the Great Commission.–Ron

From the coming new book, Thy Will Be Done on Earth

From coming new book, Thy Will Be Done on Earth: When Nations Call God Blessed:

Today, mainstream evangelism operates as if the Gospel consists entirely in the message itself—that is, in a cultural vacuum. As opposed to this extremely limited and stunted view, the accomplished Christian community will view the Great Commission as a package deal—Jesus possesses all power and authority in heaven and in the earth (Matthew 28:18). God’s people thus will self-consciously work to further the Kingdom of God—the full extent of Christ’s rule and influence—through all life’s activities.

New Book Soon to Publish

Soon to publish my new book “Thy Will Be Done on Earth: When the Nations Call God Blessed” by Nordskog Publishing.

This is a comprehensive essay on what a universal and mature Christianity will look like, and how it comes.

I’ll be sharing snippets of the book here soon. Thanks to my good friends for the support and encouragement!

–Blessings, Ron

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Humanism is completely bankrupt, not to mention schizophrenic. In dismissing God, it creates absolute chaos and meaninglessness becoming infinite possibility. It presupposes a deterministic nothingness, that must return to the cosmic oneness—nothing, the void. Then, humanism co-opts God’s Trinitarian world of universal meaning and goodness, of individuality and relationship, shamefully claiming it as its own. However, humanism’s sin cannot but help ultimately to create totalitarian tyranny, slavery and injustice, while embracing every destructive enormity of personal conduct.

The problem is we’re all latent humanists because of sin. The only solution is to glorify the Triune God as our all in all, to determine to walk through life on His terms by faith, and to trust His Spirit to make it so in us.

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