From Jay Dangers, New Hope Uganda


From the Founder and President of New Hope Uganda

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Uganda!  My daughter, Jennie was in Ron and Christina Kirk’s ministry the Master’s School from 1984 to 1986 when we left for Uganda.

I am writing to ask you to pray about becoming a part of a great new venture that brings the past (the Master’s School) and the future of Uganda together in a remarkable way. God has given us the opportunity to transform a nation by transforming its educational system!

New Hope Uganda, the organization we started in Uganda when we left the Master’s School back in 1986 has grown and experienced great blessing from the LORD. (You can see some of that if you go on line at Now we have been asked to lead a Christian school movement for Uganda! I was stunned when we got that requested and resisted it at first, being very aware of our many inadequacies! But others with more faith than I convinced me that God was in it. Now, just 10 months later we are well on the way to seeing this movement become a reality!

New Hope Uganda has now laid the foundation a new organization, the Master’s Institute for Education (MIE), that is re-writing the national curriculum, will open the doors of a teacher training college in January of 2015, will write textbooks, carry out advocacy with the government, and envision parents and school owners.  God is already joining many key and influential Ugandans to this new venture! Momentum is building fast!

I believe MIE can and will be funded primarily from Uganda but I am asking you, as some of those who have been blessed by the Kirks and the Master’s School, to pray about helping by supporting Ron and Christina Kirk.  As you know, God’s hand has been on their lives in the area of Christian education for many years.  MIE is being built on many of the same principles and methodologies the Kirks employed and perfected at the Master’s School and since.  The Master’s Institute for Education needs the Kirks help. 

The Kirks have already been to Uganda for a time of planning and are scheduled to return in soon to help train Ugandans.  Our desire is for the Kirks to be on full missionary support so they can continue to be involved into the future with curriculum development, text books writing, advising and teacher training.

Whatever the LORD would lead you to do will be a great blessing to the Kirks but even more so to the nation of Uganda!  MIE is literally being positioned to contribute to the transformation of Uganda, one child, one family, one school at a time!

The Kirks need your prayers, $10,000 for travel to and from Uganda for next year and they need $4000 per month to make it possible for them to invest their lives in this way on a full-time basis. The Kirks intend to devote whatever portion of a subsistence from support they receive to invest at least that much in New Hope and MIE.

Thank you for you prayerful consideration of this request!

In Christ Alone,

Jay Dangers

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