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Applied Biblical Christian Worldview, Faith & Education–

Theology, Philosophy, Methods and Curriculum

The treatises, article, outlines and reference materials in this section apply the Biblical worldview concepts of the Get Wisdom! program to practical education in the school. This will eventually include a complete system of teacher training, curriculum teacher guides and references.


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School and Classroom Theory and Methods

This first offering is a working draft of an expanded manuscript version of our time-tested teaching training course in classroom theories and methods. Based in and building upon the rigorous first step in mastering a practical approach to applied Biblical faith and Christian education: Get Wisdom! School and Classroom Theory and Methods covers:

  •  Educational Goals

  • Parent, Teacher, Student–responsibilities and relationships

  • Curriculum Planning and Time Discipline–a unique, flexible approach

  • Classroom Presentation and Practice–truly meeting student needs

  • Appendix–filled with practical examples



 Subject Teacher Guides

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Curriculum Materials

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