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Get Wisdom! Making Christian Heroes of Ordinary People

Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ!

With a truly Biblical philosophy exercised by faith, there should exist no significant gap between theory and successful Christian living, between the Spirit of God and His fruit. Colonial SoldierA now almost forgotten body of Biblical wisdom placed the foundations for America’s great Christian institutions.  Its scholarship is a powerful instrument toward replacing secularism with a Biblical view and practice in every area of life.  Issues concerning psychology, education, business, management, law, family, church and civil government, the natural sciences, the arts—all human endeavors–are legitimate and necessary Christian concerns.  For in these lie the institutions that will either prepare the soil of men’s hearts for the Gospel or harden it.  Get Wisdom! offers a Biblical method for taking all life’s affairs captive to the obedience of Christ. Ronald Kirk’s book Get Wisdom! Making Christian Heroes of Ordinary People provides the rigorous theoretical foundation needed to make Christian education thoroughly Biblical. Get Wisdom! leaves no gap between theory and practice, except what faith requires. Get Wisdom! emphasizes the centrality of Christ and applied faith in learning and practice, spiritual and practical character development, and prepares the student so that he can build godly relationships of all kinds and learn to handle the material resources of life for God’s glory. Christian liberty is central.  Internal freedom from sin and external liberty are necessary to obey God’s calling on one’s life, individually and in community with others. Get Wisdom! identifies a method of scholarship and education consistent with Biblical goals for the mature Christian. Applying these concise principles consistently will take students from rudimentary accomplishment to mastery in every conceivable life subject. Ron has applied the content of Get Wisdom! for over thirty years in varied educational settings. He has trained many classroom teachers, home school parents, and adult learners of every kind to apply these principles successfully in their educational and life domains. Many young people educated in the Get Wisdom! program have now established Christian families and are proving that this instruction produces adults of elevated character and accomplishment.

Note: This work is has not been thoroughly edited for publication. I appreciate your patience with it, and also would appreciate any feedback you may have.

Download Get Wisdom! PDF

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