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New Free Offering: School and Classroom Biblical Theory and Methods »

After a considerable delay, I have finally posted comprehensive manuscript School and Classroom Theory and Method. Okay, it’s more important and interesting than it sounds. This new post puts our extremely effective Teacher Training program on the classroom into print for the first time. Admittedly, it is still  a rough draft, hurriedly posted so that […]

Whole Gospel? »

I’ve long believed and argued that even for people who believe the faith of Christ is essentially otherworldly, that a Christ-centered, kingdom oriented view and practice of life is necessary to the fullest exercise of the Gospel and Great Commission. Yes, it should be clear that Christianity is neither merely spiritual nor merely social. Love […]

Update on Uganda Ministry »

Dear Friends, A report and update on our lives and work for Christ is perhaps overdue. Christina and I have now finished several months of greatly downsizing two generations and two households as Christina’s parents moved on to an assisted living/nursing care home. We were caretakers for nearly seven years. My in-laws are now comfortable […]

New Educational Missionary Word in Uganda »

Something new is here. We have joined the staff of New Hope Uganda, the twenty-five-year-old  ministry to bring the fatherhood of God to the fatherless (Ps 68:5-6) through education and re-building of real families. Our new work is to support the teacher training and curriculum development of a new teachers college and Christian education advocacy […]

Announcing the Publication of a New Get Wisdom! Ministry Book »

Announcing the new book Thy Will Be Done: When All Nations Call God Blessed, the latest published addition to the Get Wisdom! educational ministry. Please share this information with your friends! See it at Nordskog Publishing. You can order the book from  

Radio Interview with Jerry Newcombe »

Just finished recording an interview with Jerry Newcombe. Jerry is a great friend. He endorsed my book. He asked great questions and his whole style was extremely supportive and complementary. Jerry, who carries on the work of D. James Kenn…edy and Coral Ridge Ministries, has a website at The web-radio interview was on Jerry’s […]

New Book: Thy Will Be Done: When All Nations Call God Blessed »

A Teachers College and Advocacy for Uganda »

Lord willing and we raise sufficient support, upon the request of New Hope Uganda ministry, Christina and I will return to Uganda for the month of January 2014. Our job will be to begin training already credentialed teachers as trainers for the new college in Kampala to be known as Master’s Institute for Education (MIE). […]

Members–Everything is Relational »

A note to our good subscribers. For Christians, everything ought to be relational, even commerce. So, to those who would join us, please give true information. We ask only a minimal bit to establish our friendship. Many thanks!–Ron

Monumental, the Movie »

Please go see Monumental the Movie! ( Kirk Cameron takes you along on his own pilgrimage to discover the true roots of America’s unique place in history.