Update on Uganda Ministry

Dear Friends,

A report and update on our lives and work for Christ is perhaps overdue.

Christina and I have now finished several months of greatly downsizing two generations and two households as Christina’s parents moved on to an assisted living/nursing care home. We were caretakers for nearly seven years. My in-laws are now comfortable in a really nice, hospitality-model living arrangement well prepared to take care of their needs. We are now empty nesters for the first time in 37 years!

While finishing up the move into our much smaller home in Ventura, we hosted our dear friends Godfrey Kyazze and Dr. Gillian Kasirye from Kampala, Uganda, for intense training in our systematic Biblical approach to education. They are the principals in the teachers college and educational advocacy work known as Master’s Institute for Education. We all worked very hard and very productively.

I have always found the importance of our life’s work very difficult to communicate.

In order to establish a thoroughly Biblical system of child education, we started by identifying the Biblical, universal goal of Christian manhood and womanhood. What should the mature man or woman of God possess in character traits, sense of purpose in the world, skills and wisdom when fully educated?

This hugely important question, when viewed Biblically and upon the best examples of history, confronted us with the sense that modern Christianity falls short of its Biblical mandate. Thus, an entire world of applied-faith opened up to us. There is now therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, but there is repentance toward God’s ways.

We must not be exacting crusaders. No, we merely prepare for the callings and responsibilities God grants us in Christ. Thinking that we must triumph on our own terms is a common error, born of misguided self-importance—the original sin. Such thinking tends to make us ogres, not Christian servants. Rather, we seek to please God by faith, not presuming upon Him that we have already arrived in our point of view and lives. We seek to become as prepared as possible, stirring up gifts, looking for opportunities to serve within our sphere, and then courageously walking by faith. None of this should ever be with anything but our eyes fixed on our Lord. In Christ, everything is relational.

God expects us to follow Him to the country He will show us. Christian life is adventure. It is preparation for eternity while leaving a kingdom legacy behind us upon which Christ will continue to build through His people (Ps 110). The results will be foundation restoration and the building of cultures in the world capable of propagating the Gospel in its fullness. The world waits for a better way, a better mousetrap, life that works as it ought. “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Ps 11:3). Paul declares that God is ready to punish all disobedience when our obedience is fulfilled (2 Cor 10:6).

As we sought the Biblical view for all of life, recurring Biblical imperatives appeared indeed—the best expressions of the Christian faith. This is the contribution of Verna Hall and the Christian history movement which have served us so well.

We found that these Biblical imperatives provided a comprehensive system of thinking and acting, that when mastered, comprises a handy, ready, eminently useful, and self-correcting way to think and act Biblically upon any subject, any issue. This is an amazingly powerful ability that has proved itself in practice over and over again.

We call our version of this system of thinking Get Wisdom! It is the basis of our educational system, itself theologically deeply rooted in and constantly referring to the most fundamental of all Christian doctrines—that of the Holy Trinity—with His reflection in every aspect of His creation. This is the contribution of Chalcedon Foundation and friends.

The fruit of this compelling line of thinking and resulting crafted educational system has been increasingly apparent over the past nearly forty years. Its application by the Dangers family and their many Ugandan friends for the past nearly thirty years inspired the present effort by Godfrey and Gillian for their soul and culture redeeming education work.

The four of us—Godfrey, Gillian, Christina and I—spent a little over two weeks total in intense discussions about the theology and application of this systematic Biblical thinking and practice. Our friends, already advanced expressions, return home much further armed with the tools necessary to train future Ugandan classroom teachers for the nation’s schools.

As they become successful with a way of education that consistently addresses faith, character, Christ, relationship, excellence, and real accomplishment, we can expect godly families to become increasingly common, the powerful stewards of their nation’s future. And with success in redeeming their culture for Christ, the Good News will no doubt spread. The promise is for nothing less than the kind of foundation-building the American Pilgrims laid toward what was arguably the most godly, just, prosperous and generous people the world had yet known.

Much remains to be done to assist our friends. Moreover, this work is eminently portable and reproducible anywhere humble, Holy-Spirit-inspiration desires it. Lately, international minister of Christian worldview Vishal Mangalwadi and his educational captain Dr. Amanda Sanchez have taken interest in our work. We yet hold hope of effectively sharing Get Wisdom! in the U.S.

With sufficient support to free us from the heavy demands of tent-making in landscape architecture and editing, we hope to return to refining, extending and publishing our educational work to support Uganda, and simultaneously work to stir up interest and further the cause of Christ at home through offering training courses locally and anywhere interest develops.

We will dedicate the percentage of effort that support provides up to 100% of our productive time. Please know that any donations of any amount are appreciated, but especially regular ones.

Please pray for these two amazing pioneers, working very hard for the good of their home land Uganda. Please pray for Christina and me.

Again, thank you for your part in all of this!

The MIE team desires that we travel to Uganda this coming January to help train their students. Lord willing.

We are thankful for you, too. Let us hear from you when you can.

Yours for Christ,

Ron and Christina

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