A Teachers College and Advocacy for Uganda

Lord willing and we raise sufficient support, upon the request of New Hope Uganda ministry, Christina and I will return to Uganda for the month of January 2014. Our job will be to begin training already credentialed teachers as trainers for the new college in Kampala to be known as Master’s Institute for Education (MIE). (The name was not my idea!) The Lord richly blessed our first short stint there in the planning of this work. Many doors opened. One of the principals of the effort is Dr. Gillian Kasirye, a PhD professor of education at Makerere University (one of Uganda’s oldest), a dear lady, and visionary. Other significant community and national leaders are also involved. The soil is amazingly friable and receptive. This work holds great promise to replace Uganda’s now long tradition of nominal Christianity and horrible German enlightenment education practices with a thoroughly godly one based in our own pioneering work built upon the Principle Approach and Christian Reconstruction. MIE proposes to comply with national educational goals—essentially Christian—and the nation’s educational structure, but with completely Biblically redeemed content and methods. We can demonstrate that the only way to achieve the national goals is to use Biblical Christian means. Please pray for this work and our part in it. Many factors have so coalesced in Uganda that this work promises to change its entire historic path, as well as that of other nations. In turn, the work of MIE will be portable and useful anywhere, including our own nation. Already, Godfrey Kyazze—the young disciple I never knew I had—has made significant inroads in the Association of Christian Schools International, Africa, and elsewhere in the community. Godfrey’s able leadership and God’s provision promises to make this endeavor a great success.

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