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Has God called you to be a hero in the faith?

Has he called you to a life that makes a difference?

Of course He has. But how do you get there from here?


Get Wisdom! rigorously demonstrates God’s purpose in the world and how a Biblical education prepares His people for it.

True Biblical Christian education sets the foundations for faith, character, wisdom and accomplishment—a full life in Christ toward eternity.


The life’s work of a pioneering applied-Biblical-faith theoretician and educational craftsman

    • Regain lost evangelical tools

    • Learn what the Bible requires of every man and woman of faith

    • Acquire the tools to take every thought captive to Christ, for every activity in life

    • Master any subject Biblically–including every vocation and avocation

    • Learn time-tested Biblical principles and practices for teaching children

    • Prepare for the Christian citizenship required for the Gospel work

What you will find…

Here you will find a finely honed practical vision for applying the Biblical faith upon the tested wisdom of a bygone Christian era. To help you realize this vision, you will also find Biblically based, applied-faith articles, teacher training resources, and school curriculum.

The work here represents a whole new educational paradigm based on a Biblical psychology of man, and the Biblical answer to the question, in response to His grace, what does God require of me? America’s Christian legacy of Christian liberty and union— always fledgling and struggling at best—is now largely eroded. At issue is the victory of humanism or God’s will, the city of man or the City of God. Militant ideologues of the left have now been tremendously successful in the undermining of America’s Christian heritage. They had the help of the thoughtless, sinful multitudes. It needn’t be so.

Free institutions, necessary to the full expression of the Gospel of Jesus Christ—its supernatural fruit, can only be gained and maintained with a godly, faith-filled, Christ- centered, and Biblically driven way of life expressed in all that we do. Today we need a new way of thinking. What is required of Christians toward a fulfilled Christian expression? How do we get there from here? God expects the action of constrained faith upon a Biblical life- view, character, wisdom, and skill. By faith, Jesus brings the increase.

The content here, upon over thirty years of solid Biblical testing and correction promises the help of a solid educational system toward true education. Let us together Get Wisdom!

Be blessed as you travel this website and avail yourself of its treasure, learn it, and make your own contribution to Christ’s Kingdom—the internal Kingdom that works from the heart outward. Return often as we add resources and refine posted materials to serve you.

Many articles here bridge the gap between Christian theory and practice !

Teacher guides and curriculum resources will come with sufficient support!

Explore! Enjoy! Come back often to see new material.


See our new book, another element of the Get Wisdom! ministry:

Thy Will Be Done: When All Nations Call God Blessed

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